Birth in the Spirit of Curiousity…

Owner/Founder Amanda Spakowski BFW Educator and Doula


Welcome to the blog that will broaden your prenatal, birth and postpartum perspective! In this blog you’ll find postings and articles that reflect a variety of opinons and resources; some that you may resonate with, some that you may not agree with.

As you know or are beginning to find out, birth and parenting is a profoundly personal experience. What the ‘right’ choice is for each person will be different and will be influenced by one’s entire life experience up until the moment they are ‘called’ to make a decision regarding birth.

It is because of this that you are the only one who can know what is truly right for you.

I believe that birthing naturally means birthing in the way that comes naturally for you. Whether that be at home or the hospital, with a midwife or doctor, with or without pain medication, vaginally or by cesarean; there are many ways to birth out there. Birth is unpredictable and it’s hard to know what you’ll feel or experience for your own birth, even if you’ve had children before.

It is in the spirit of entering the unknown of birth and parenting with curiousity and an open mind that I will make this blog a gathering place for birth information, experiences and insights from all perspectives. To build a community that truly and deeply supports the personal process of new parents, it is essential that we open our minds to the experiences of others.

I look forward to sharing these perspectives with you and hearing about your owne unique experience of birth!

In the doula spirit!


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