I received a wonderful surprise…

I received one of the most humbling, and flattering pieces of news this week….a Mom who had taken my prenatal class about a year and half ago sent me an email and told me that in her school of Naturopathic Medicine, they are using an article that I wrote for “Bearing Witness: Childbirth stories told by doulas” for one of their writing assignments.

This, in itself was exciting enough for me to hear about! But then I noticed that she had attached her essay to the email for me to read. Their task was to read my article, titled “The Great Letting Go” and compare it to how the media portrays childbirth in movies and TV. In it, she shared the shifts she felt from having attended my class and gave insight into how her new relationship to birth influenced her actual experience of birthing.

Very rarely do I have the opportunity to hear about or witness these shifts from parents who attend my class, and as I read I was deeply touched by how this Mom came to find a comfort and power in herself as a birthing Mom. While this story was of particular significance for me, there is a deep value in hearing the stories of birthing women as mothers, mothers-to-be, partners, practitioners, siblings…you get the picture :)

It’s only three pages long and she’s shared it with you here today...take a look.

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