A poem for my Mom by 16 year old Me :)


Who cares for me when I am sick and healthy
Who would choose not to sleep in a wet bed but surely
Would do so if it meant I would have a dry one


Who sings people’s name’s
When she answers the phone,
Whose hugs and comforting
Words gently guide me out
of the dark spot I had got myself into.


Who never hears “I love you”
Enough but never fails to
love me more every day.


Whose sweetness follows her path
Who leaves budding flower behind her,
Whose nurturing helps many and
Much to grow.

Whose warm smile and shining face
Welcomes the loneliest of strangers
In for a welcome drink,
Who never lets you leave without you knowing
You’re loved by someone special.

Ladies and gentlemen, my Mom